Schneider Electric / Control Microsystems SCADAPack 350 / 357 Smart Remote Terminal Units
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Schneider Electric / Control Microsystems SCADAPack 350 / 357 Smart Remote Terminal Units


  • Simple Ladder Logic Option (Telepace Studio)
  • 28,192 Permanent Modbus Registers for Use With Logic and C++ Applications
  • USB Host Port for Data Logging to USB Memory Stick
  • Up to (76) Integrated Digital/Analog Inputs/Outputs, and More with I/O Expansion Modules
  • Advanced Power Management
  • Auxiliary Supply for up to (7) Analog Loops

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• Protocol Option: Modbus and DNP3 Level 2 Protocol Emulation
• Programming Environment: Telepace Ladder Logic and C Language Firmware Loaded -IEC 61131-3 Enabled
• Analog Inputs: 5 Selectable as 0...10 V or 0...20 mA and 8 Selectable as 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA, 0...5 V or 0...10 V
• Digital Inputs/Outputs: 32 Digital Inputs (12-24 V), 16 Digital Outputs (Dry Contact Relay for Class I Div 2, Solid State Relay for IECEx/ATEX)

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The Schneider Electric / Control Microsystems SCADAPack 350 / 357 Smart Remote Terminal Units are built on the proven SCADAPack 300 controller platform that adheres to open standards and can operate in the harsh demands of a remote environment, the SCADAPack 350/357 Smart RTUs feature various communication links, a wide range of analog and digital I/O and a 12-30 Vdc supply.

A SCADAPack 350 controller, comprising a 5209 controller board, is a low power RTU, complete with an integrated power supply, analog and digital I/O, serial communications, 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet, 12Mb/s USB A and USB B ports and turbine flow meter counter inputs. Application programs can be written in Relay Ladder Logic, IEC 61131-3 and the C language.

Several power saving features are included in the SCADAPack 350. These power saving features include Sleep Mode, 24V-power shutdown, Ethernet port shutdown, communication port power control, and SCADAPack Vision power down, USB disable and a reduced power mode that lowers the CPU clock.

The I/O capacity of the SCADAPack 350 can be expanded using 5000 I/O modules. A maximum of twenty 5000 I/O modules may be used. This controller board can be combined with a 5606 Integrated I/O module, forming a SCADAPack 357.

Product Family: SCADAPack 357, SCADAPack 350, 5606, TBUP350, TBUP357, 5209
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