Schneider Electric ILS1B / ILS1F / ILS1R Series Lexium Integrated Drives
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Schneider Electric ILS1B / ILS1F / ILS1R Series Lexium Integrated Drives


  • Supply Voltage: 24-36 VDC
  • Profibus DP, CANbus, RS485 Connection
  • Optional Motor Brake

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• Motor Type: Stepper Motor
• Supply Voltage: 24-36 VDC
• Communication Interface: CANopen DS301
• Size: 85 mm
• Length: 2 Stacks
• Winding: Medium Speed of Rotation/Medium Torque
• Connection Version: Printed Circuit Board Connector
• Position Capture: Stepper Motor with Index Pulse
• Holding Brake: Installed (Kendrion 76 43108H08 Brake)
• Gearbox: Not Installed

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The "Lexium Integrated Drive" consists of a stepper motor and integrated electronics. The product integrates interfaces, control electronics, a holding brake (optional) and the power stage. The "Lexium Integrated Drive" moves the motor according to the commands received by a fieldbus master, for example a PLC or a PC.

The motor is a brushless 3-phase stepper motor. The motor has a high power density due to the use of the latest magnetic materials and an optimized design.

The electronic system comprises control electronics and power stage. Control electronics and power stage have a common power supply and are not galvanically isolated. The product can be parameterized and controlled via the fieldbus interface.4 digital 24V signals are also available. Each of these signals can be used as an input or output.

Holding brake:
The product can optionally be equipped with an integrated holding brake. The holding brake is controlled automatically.
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Schneider Electric ILS1F852PB1F0 Manual (pdf) 
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