Aerotech Ensemble CP Controller and PWM Digital Drive
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Aerotech Ensemble CP Controller and PWM Digital Drive


  • Network Drives Through a High-Speed Serial Interface to Coordinate up to (10) Axes of Motion
  • Coordinate Motion Using up to (5) Independent Tasks
  • Drive and Control Linear or Rotary Brushless, DC Brush Servo, and Micro-Stepping Motors
  • Command Various Motion Types: Point-To-Point, Linear and Circular Interpolation, Electronic Gearing, and Velocity Profiling

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• Peak Output Current (1 sec): 30 A
• Continuous Output Current: 10 A
• Internal Shunt Resistor Option

Part Number: ENSEMBLECP30-S

Stock # 98843-1

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The Aerotech Ensemble CP Controller and PWM Digital Drive is a high performance amplifier. The drive provides deterministic behavior, auto-identification, and easy software setup. The Ensemble CP's high performance double precision floating point DSP controls the digital PID and current loops. All system configuration is done using software-settable parameters, including control loop gains and system safety functions.

The Ensemble CP is manufactured with an optional encoder interpolation feature (-MXU), an auxiliary square wave encoder input for dual loop control, dedicated analog and digital I/O (expandable with the -IO option), and separate power connections for motor and control supply voltages.

Product Family: Ensemble CP, EnsembleCP, Ensemble-CP, Ensemble/CP, Ensemble.CP, ENSEMBLECP30-S, ENSEMBLECP10, ENSEMBLECP20
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Aerotech Ensemble CP Datasheet (pdf) 
Aerotech Ensemble CP Manual (pdf) 
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