IDEC TW Series 22mm NEMA Style Non-Illuminated Pushbutton Switches
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IDEC TW Series 22mm NEMA Style Non-Illuminated Pushbutton Switches


  • TW NEMA Style Switches with Snap-On Contacts
  • Corrosion Resistant Octagonal Chrome Plated Locking Bezel
  • Snap-On 10A Contact Blocks
  • Slow Make, Double Break, Self Cleaning Contacts
  • Modular Construction for Maximum Flexibility

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• Function: Momentary
• Bezel Shape: Octagonal
• Button Shape: Ø 40 mm Mushroom Head
• Contact Arrangement: 1N0-1NC
• Terminal Style: Standard
• Button Color: Red

Stock # 99314-1

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The IDEC TW Series 22mm NEMA Style Non-Illuminated Pushbutton Switches have button styles that include flush, extended, mushroom, or square and all bodies are crafted from fracture-resistant nylon. Self cleaning contact mechanisms allow for a wide current rating, 5mA to 10A, which reduces the need for various contact materials.

Product Family: ABW110, ABW101, ABW111, ABW120, ABW102, AOW110, AOW101, AOW111, AOW120, AOW102, ABW210, ABW201, ABW211, ABW220, ABW202, AOW210, AOW201, AOW211, AOW220, AOW202, ABFW110, ABFW101, ABFW111, ABFW120, ABFW102, AOFW110, AOFW101, AOFW111, AOFW120, AOFW102, ABFW210, ABFW201, ABFW211, ABFW220, ABFW202, AOFW210, AOFW201, AOFW211, AOFW220, AOFW202, ABW310, ABW301, ABW311, ABW320, ABW302, AOW310, AOW301, AOW311, AOW320, AOW302, ABW410, ABW401, ABW411, ABW420, ABW402, AOW410 AOW401, AOW411, AOW420, AOW402, ABGW410, ABGW401, ABGW411, ABGW420, ABGW402, AOGW410, AOGW401, AOGW411, AOGW420, AOGW402, ABQW110, ABQW101, ABQW111, ABQW120, ABQW102, AOQW110, AOQW101, AOQW111, AOQW120, AOQW102, ABQW210, ABQW201, ABQW211, ABQW220, ABQW202, AOQW210, AOQW201, AOQW211, AOQW220, AOQW202, AKW210, AKW201, AKW211, AKW220, AKW202
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IDEC TW Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to IDEC Website