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Agilent / National Instruments E1482B VXI-MXI w/ INTX PCB Assembly
This unit does not include the top metal cover or front metal plate. NI manufactured these modules for HP / Agilent (HP would put on their own metal cover & front panel plate). It is good for(...) replacing E1482B cards that have gone bad (so the metal cover & front plate from the broken unit can be used on this new OEM unit). These boards have the INTX board installed (this board can be easily removed if INTX is not required).

By default we ship you this component card for you to do the replacement, or (upon request) you can send your broken E1482B to us and our technicians can perform this procedure.

Keysight / Agilent 5243A-65C Circuit Board
This Keysight / Agilent 5243A-65C is the 52462 Electronic Counter Circuit Board.
Varian Double-Slot Blank Panel
• Dimension: 9 1/4 x 1 1/2
Ametek / Elgar 130V Mod. Master Power Module
This Ametek / Elgar 130V Mod. Master Power Module is used and in excellent condition. This unit is the -130 to +130 VDC power module.

Part Number: 5900635-01, 9699969-01
HunterLab SpectraProbe XE 2035 Step Motor Driver
This is also known as the Applied Motion Products 2035 Step Motor Driver.
Astronics / EADS / Racal 1261B Mainframe Rackmount Kit
This unit comes with handles as pictured.

Part Number: 456418-001, 456418-002
 J-Type Thermocouple
This J-Type Thermocouple is used and in excellent condition. This unit ships in sets of three.

• Cable Length: 40 inches
• Right Angle, J-Type Probe
• Probe Length: 2 inches
• Stainless Steel Cable
• Zone Use: Zone 3
• Male Thermocouple Connector

View Photo of the unit's connectors.

ThorLabs PH2 Ø1/2 Inch Post Holder
This post holder has a ThorLabs BA-1 Mounting Base and a TS25H Thumbscrew attached to it.

• Thumbscrew: Spring-Loaded Hex-Locking
• Length: 2 in

Parker / Sporlan Valve MKC-2E Solenoid Coil
This Parker / Sporlan Valve MKC-2E Solenoid Coil is used and in excellent condition.

Part Numbers: 310674-001, 081950

MKC-2E Configuration:
• Series 2 Body Solenoid Coil
• Voltage: 208-240 V
• Watts: 15 W
• Temperature Rating: Class "F"

Parker / Sporlan MKC Datasheet (pdf)
Parker / Sporlan Solenoid Valve Catalog (pdf)

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