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Artisan Technology Group provides solutions for legacy COTS platforms, extending the life cycle of critical in-service Automated Test Stations and Equipment (ATS/ATE) with end-of-life hardware support, procurement of obsolesced equipment, and sustainment of reserve equipment for spares and replacement parts to maximize availability of your application. We help extend the support of your OEM systems including Aeroflex, EADS, Racal, ATE, Agilent, VTI, Virginia Panel and others.
We know maintaining your test and manufacturing systems is critical. Artisan Technology Group is an industry leader with vast experience in extending the uptime and lifetime of embedded systems. Let us help you keep your embedded systems performing reliably. We have tens of thousands of embedded modules in-stock and ready to ship.
Avionics and Mil-Spec Repair:
  • Our in-stock inventory includes: 1553, ARINC, Conduction Cooled, Conformal, CASS, ATR Systems and others
  • EMCP Program to handle Controlled Assets
  • Registered with the US State Department DDTC
  • ITAR Compliant