Bioanalytical Systems CV-27 Voltammograph
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Bioanalytical Systems CV-27 Voltammograph


  • Measure Reaction Kinetics
  • Electrochemical and Biological Redox Mechanisms
  • Study Films and Deposits
  • Characterize Organometallic Compounds
  • Determine Thermodynamic Parameters

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This Bioanalytical Systems CV-27 Voltammograph is used and in excellent condition.

Stock # 44744-1

This Bioanalytical Systems CV-27 Voltammograph is used and in excellent condition. This unit comes with a set of cables.

Stock # 44744-2

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The BAS CV-27 is capable of a wide variety of electrochemical techniques involving potential scan (cyclic voltammetry, polarography, hydrodynamic voltammetry, stripping voltammetry), potential step (chronoamperometry, chronocoulometry), constant potential (controlled potential electrolysis, amperometric titrations, amperometry), hybrid electrochemical techniques (spectroelectrochemistry) and potentiometric techniques (ion selective electrode titrations).

The BAS CV-27 Voltammograph is capable of controlled potential experiments, potential measurements at zero current, and charge measurement experiments. The integrated electronics include a potentiostat (+/- 5V applied potential, +/- 10V compliance, 120ma current), a linear ramp and pulse waveform generator, separate controls to fix the high and low scan limits, external waveform compatibility, a current-to-voltage converter with gain (2 uA/V to 10 mA/V), a coulometer with an integration time of seconds (for chronocoulometry) to hours (bulk electrolysis), and a voltage follower for the measurement of potential at zero current.

The control parameters and output variables may be displayed on the 3 1/2 digit front panel display.

Product Family: CV-27, CV27
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Potentiostat and Waveform Generator
Range+/- 5V
Compliance Voltage+/- 10V
Maximum Current Available120mA
Rise Time (1V step, 10ohm @ 1.6uF)0.1 ms
Linear Scan Rate Range0.1 mV/s to 10 V/s
Scan DirectionPos or Neg
Current to Voltage Converter
Range2 uA/V to 10 mA/V
Maximum Measureable Current120mA
Time Constants (RC)0.001, 0.1, or 2.0 s
Range20 uC/V to 10 C/V
Minimum Response Time100 ms
Remote Control
FunctionsScan, Cell, E1, E2, +DIR, -DIR, INTG, and RESET

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BAS CV-27 Datasheet (pdf) 
BAS CV-27 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Bioanalytical Systems Website