Gilson 234 Autoinjector
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Gilson 234 Autoinjector


  • Excellent Reproducibility, Versatility and Performance
  • Five Built-in Injection Methods
  • User-Selectable Method Parameters
  • Three Loop-Filling Options
  • Stores up to 20 Protocols for Future Retrieval
  • Wide Selection of Racks and Vials for Existing and Future Applications

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This Gilson 234 Autoinjector is used and in excellent condition.


• Firmware revision 1.11
• Rack Style: Gilson 35P
• Syringe Volume: 500µL
• Injection Loop Volume: 50µL

Part Number: 171305

Stock # 53253-2

This Gilson 234 Autoinjector is used and in excellent condition.


• Firmware Revision: 1.10
• Rack Style: Gilson 36P

Stock # 53253-1

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The 234 Autoinjector is used to inject ready-prepared samples into an HPLC system for analysis purposes. The instrument can dilute samples and standards and add an internal standard to samples and standards. Vials containing sample liquids are placed in a single rack held at the front of the unit.

The instrument incorporates an integral command keypad for control, an XYZ motion carriage for liquid transfer, a high pressure Rheodyne injection valve to inject samples into an HPLC system, and an integral pump for aspirating and dispensing the samples.

The instrument can be fully programmed for aspirating, diluting and injecting samples into an HPLC system. The instrument coordinates automatically with other devices; by GSIOC if Gilson devices are connected to the GSIOC channel, or by contact outputs from the rear panel. It is possible to record the events that have occurred during a run using the audit trail facility. The audit trail file can then be transferred to the audit trail diskette via a suitable PC.
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Gilson 234 Datasheet (pdf) 
Gilson 234 Manual (pdf) 
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