Scientech Astral Calorimeter Laser Power Detector
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Scientech Astral Calorimeter Laser Power Detector


  • Intelligent Sensor Technology
  • Calorimeter Automatically Identifies Itself to the Power Meter
  • Low Signal to Noise Enhances Accuracy
  • Improved EMI/RFI Shielding

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This Scientech Astral Calorimeter Laser Power Detector is used, and in excellent condition.
Model: AC50UVSUM
S/N: 3005
TC= 12.4
Cal wav: 266nm

Ships with interface cable, input light sheild (tube), and mounting post. Two small burn marks on volume absorber disk (see photo) - refer to manual (page 4)regarding the effect of such marks on reading accuracy.

Model Specification Highlights are:
Absorber type: Volume
Spectral Response: 190-360nm
Aperture Size: 50.8mm (dia)
Average Power: 30W
See Manual/Datasheet for complete specs.

Stock # 54506-1

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Astral calorimeters are available in both surface absorbing and volume absorbing models with either 10 watt or 30 watt capabilities. The broadband surface absorbing models are ideal for measuring CW lasers. With the addition of the new high damage threshold "HD" and "ACX" models, power densities up to 12 kW/cm2, peak pulse power densities up to 100 GW/cm2 and energy densities up to 15 J/cm2 are handled by various models.

The Astral calorimeters are powered up by the Vector Synenergy Indicators to provide precise watt or joule readings. These Astral Calorimeters interface to Scientech single or multi-channel digital/analog power meters.
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