Terra Universal SmartDesiccator Benchtop Storage Desiccator
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Terra Universal SmartDesiccator Benchtop Storage Desiccator


  • Gas Control System Cuts Nitrogen Expenses by up to 78%
  • Automates Clean, Dry Benchtop Storage
  • Fully Integrated Turnkey System Takes 30 Seconds to Install

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This Terra Universal 2200-60A Stainless Steel Door - Complete Assembly is used and in excellent condition.

• Dimensions: 23"W x 11.75"H (584 mm x 298 mm)
• For Adjust-A-Shelf Desiccators: 22.625"W x 24"/36"/48"/60"H (575 mm x 610 mm/ 914 mm/ 1219 mm/ 1524 mm)
• Comes with standard LiftLatch

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Stock # 54730-2

This Terra Universal SmartDesiccator Benchtop Storage Desiccator is new from surplus stock. A bag containing the power cord (w/adapter) and keys is included. This unit is a dual-door (stainless steel doors) design with a permanent plexiglass divider shelf (has four small aeration vents) between the bottom and top units. Interior shelves can be ordered directly from Terra Universal. Total outside dimensions of the cabinet are 23.5" Wide, 25" Tall, and 24" Depth. Cabinet construction material is Acrylic.

Stock # 54730-1

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Terra Universal's SmartDesiccator maximizes yields of sensitive materials by automatically maintaining a user-determined humidity set point.

Its quick-response feedback system continuously monitors the cabinet's relative humidity level and activates a purge of dry nitrogen only when it is needed. The system thus economizes on gas consumption and minimizes overpressures that can stress cabinet seals. Comparison testing reveals that the SmartDesiccator maintains a low relative humidity level using only 22% of the nitrogen required by a flowmeter-based system of the identical size.

The miniaturized LED display and sensor module eliminate the need for external control boxes. This design also simplifies installation—operation requires only one gas and one low voltage power connection.

The 304 Stainless steel doors restrict the door from flexing or bending, thereby preventing the cracks and fatigue that occur in all-plastic cabinets. The rigidity of the doors also ensures a tight seal between door and frame, minimizing contamination influx and gas leakage. A specially designed lift latch eliminates hinge and door damage caused by the strain of twisting and turning conventional latch systems. The SmartDesiccator also incorporates a one-piece, nonadhesive, nonoutgassing gasket specially formulated to retain sealing integrity in extreme low humidity. Because it won't sag or migrate, it extends the service life of the cabinet.
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Terra Universal Smart Dessicator Manual (pdf) 
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