Terra Universal Series 100 GloveBox
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Terra Universal Series 100 GloveBox


  • Establish a Particle-Free Environment
  • Maintain a Humidity Set Point Down to 0% RH w/ External Gas Supply
  • Minimize System Recovery Time

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This Terra Universal Series 100 GloveBox Model 1689-00B is used and in excellent condition. Dimensions 35"W x 24 1/4"D x 20 3/4"H.

It comes with (1) top mount desiccator box (18x16x18 in.) with a mid shelf and (2) access doors, a Brooks Mite 2700 Series nitrogen control valve with tubes and an auto relief bleed valve.

Stock # 55983-1

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Terra Universal Series 100 Polymer Gloveboxes provide an economical controlled processing environment for a wide range of manufacturing and testing operations Dual-gasket side doors and a full gasket back permit introduction of small and large equipment. Includes optional gas purge controls and automatic relief bleed valve.

With this unit you can establish a particle-free environment; maintain a humidity set point down to 0% RH; and minimize system recovery time

Arm ports accept a wide variety of gloves, including Terra’s accordion sleeve and glove assembly Available in five materials: acrylic, static-dissipative PVC, non-dissipative PVC, polypropylene and polycarbonate.

Terra’s Series 100 Polymer Gloveboxes provide a clean, low humidity environment for critical processing operations in such industries as semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Their modular design lets you select the options you need for your application. Dual side access doors open inward to allow easy parts transfer from inside the chamber. Doors feature stainless steel reinforcement frames that increase the structural rigidity of the door by a factor of five. A built-in Lift Latch securely seals the door without applying lateral torque that could damage hinges.
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Terra Series 100 Polymer Glove Box Guide (pdf) 
Link to Terra Universal Website