Molecular Devices CLIPR Chemiluminescence Imaging Plate Reader System
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Molecular Devices CLIPR Chemiluminescence Imaging Plate Reader System


  • Ultra-High Throughput Luminometer System
  • Configurable for Most Commercially Available 96-, 384-, 864- and 1536-Well Microplates
  • Manual Stand-Alone Workstation
  • Doubly Telecentric Lens for Simultaneous Imaging of All Microplate Wells
  • Ultra-High Sensitivity Camera with Self-Contained Cooling System
  • Light-Tight Enclosure

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This Molecular Devices CLIPR Chemiluminescence Imaging Plate Reader System is used, and in excellent condition. This unit ships disassembled in two sturdy crates. For more pictures of this unit and for pictures of the crates, see the pictures section below.

• Controller/Computer Unit, Model Number 0310-3885
• Second Stand Unit for Housing Cryotiger, Monitor, etc, Model Number 0310-3890
• Parallel Port, (2) Serial/COM Ports, Ethernet Port, (2) PS/2 Ports, and VGA Port
• Keyboard, Mouse, CD-ROM and 3.5" Floppy
• 19" LCD Flat Panel
• National Instruments MID-7604 Stepper Motor Driver
• Spectral Instruments CCD Array Scientific Camera
• Spectral Instruments 600 Series Camera Controller
• Spectral Instruments Refrigeration Line Heater
• APD Cryogenics Cryotiger Compressor, P/N T1101-03-000-30
• Operating Manual

Our technicians tested this unit fully. Here are a couple pictures of one of our tests.

Specimen Result

After being in the light for a few minutes, we let the glow-in-the-dark specimen sit in the dark for 20 minutes. Then we captured a picture with a shutter time of 5 seconds. The temperature of the camera was -104°C. The pressure in the camera was 0.004 Torr.

Stock # 57334-1

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The Molecular Devices CLIPR system is an ultra high sensitivity, ultra high throughput screening system for cell-based assays and SPA assays in microplates with up to and beyond 1536 wells.

The CLIPR system will provide the highest sensitivity and throughput available to perform these assays. It integrates a high sensitivity CCD camera, telecentric lens, high precision positioning mechanism, and computer system with software to control the instrument and record data.

The CLIPR system can be loaded manually or configured with a light tight plate stacker for stand-alone workstation operation. In addition, the system software and hardware enables major robotics suppliers to integrate the CLIPR system within a linear track robotic installation.

Telecentric Optical System:
• 134 mm field of view
• Anti-reflection coated optics
• Electronic shutter
• Background phosphorescence correction system

Spectral Instruments 600 Series CCD Array Camera:
• Grade 1 back-thinned CCD detector
• 1024 x 1024 pixels, 24 micron pixel size
• Manual stand-alone workstation with optional robotic plate handler and stacker or integrated to linear robot line
• Camera cooled to -100 °C using self-contained compressed gas cooling system
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