Bellco Glass BCS 36-liter Flat Bottom Vessel Bioreactor System
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Bellco Glass BCS 36-liter Flat Bottom Vessel Bioreactor System


  • Designed for the Efficient Growth
  • Flexibility of Design and Ease of Operation
  • Controlling and Monitoring Capabilities
  • Modular, Reconfigurable Design

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This Bellco Glass BCS 36-liter Flat Bottom Vessel Bioreactor System is used and in good condition. The instrument control modules are labeled: Temp. Control Pwr, pO2 Control Pwr, Main Power, pH Control Pwr, and the bottom pump unit that has no label.

This unit was decommissioned from a production facility. We do not have the expertise to test this unit, but we believe it to be in working order. A very good effort was made to keep all of its components and spares together. It will require some consumables and accessories as well as expertise in setting up such a system to become complete and ready to operate. Due to its size, this unit ships as-is. We have documented and included photos of these components, replacement parts, and accessories that are included with this instrument:

A stand with vessel, cap, stirrer, tubes and motor seen here you can see the motor here.
A second vessel with cap and tubes seen here.
Electric input cable, a 100 Platinum Tip cable, and seal gaskets for vessels seen here.
Probe and pH/pO2 simulator seen here. You can see a close-up of the simulator box here.
Miscellaneous tubes and stirrers seen here.

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The Bellco Large Flange Flat Bottom Vessel ‘Startup’ Control Systems feature bioreactors that are designed for the efficient growth of mammalian, insect and plant cultures. The systems save both time and money due to the flexibility of design and ease of operation. Starting with the 5 liter size, these systems allow the user to scale up from traditional T-flasks, through Spinner flasks and finally to the Control systems. The 18-port headplate design accommodates standard pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature control probes while the aseptic sampler and dip tubes facilitate media addition, inoculation and harvesting. When attached to external controllers (e.g. Temperature, pH, DO ) the Bellco ‘startup’ systems function as complete bioreactors having controlling and monitoring capabilities.

pH & DO Simulator
Bellco Glass's hand held pH and DO Simulator kit is designed to test the functionality of pH, Redox and polarographic pO2 transmitters. The device will simulate probe signals allowing the operator to test cables and transmitters for proper working order. A battery indicator ensures sufficient power is available when performing tests in pH, Redox and DO modes. A high impedance check can be performed to test a transmitter’s capability of utilizing a pH probe with a higher than normal Impedance. This usually occurs with an older probe that has been through several sterilization cycles. Accurate pH temperature compensation can be verified with fixed 25°C, 10°C and 40°C settings. pH values can be verified with fixed 4,7 and 10 pH settings. Redox values can be verified with fixed +500mV, 0mV and -500mV settings. DO values can be verified with fixed 0%, 50% and 100% settings. These values allow a simulated calibration routine to be performed as well as linearity verification. The pH mode features a solution ground jack that works in conjunction with probe reference and electrode. This allows the transmitter to perform a series of electrical tests on probe before it is put into service. This feature will only work on transmitters with this capability. Use of this simulator will facilitate system troubleshooting, allowing the operator to qualify a cable and transmitter. If the probe questionable, then the respective probe tester module can be used to test it.
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