Terra Universal Integrated Laminar Flow Wet Processing Station
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Terra Universal Integrated Laminar Flow Wet Processing Station


  • Incorporates all Processing Components into One System
  • Static Dissipative PVC Sliding Shield
  • Automatic Filter Monitoring System

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This Terra Universal Integrated Laminar Flow Wet Processing Station is used and in excellent condition. It effectively integrates the Terra Universal 2001-10 Vertical Laminar Flow Station with the Terra Universal Wet Processing Station. For more detailed photos of unit, see the pictures section on the page.

Alnor AirGard 385 Installed
Deionized Water Input and Accessibility
N2 Input and Accessibility
Accessory Outlets on Front Panel

Input Voltage: 120 VAC Only

Stock # 62018-1

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Terra Universal’s Vertical Laminar Flow Station
provides a workspace enclosure that delivers a uniform wash of HEPA-filtered air onto the work surface. In addition to removing any lingering particles that are present within the wash stream, it also protects the area beneath the enclosure from inrushing contaminants. Made of a powder-coated stainless steel frame with acrylic side panels (with the option for Static-Dissipative PVC panels), Terra’s VLF systems are built to last.

Why laminar flow? What separates Terra’s Vertical Laminar Flow Station from simple workshop blowers is the ability to provide an evenly-distributed column of air, with all molecules inside it moving in the same direction and at the same speed. This eliminates differing air currents inside the enclosure; currents that would otherwise create turbulence and eddies that could trap particles in a constant swirl over your work surface and product. For those seeking the cleanest-possible work environment, laminar flow is the way to go.

The backbone of Terra's VLF system is a filter/fan unit that incorporates a 2-speed, direct-drive 1/3-horsepower electric motor that forces air through a HEPA filter. In conjunction with the system’s prefilters, the HEPA filter removes 99.99% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger from the air stream. Each 2' x 4' filter/fan unit provides 650 CFM of filtered air @ 90 FPM, with tests showing that this air exceeds Federal Standard 209E for a Class 100 environment.

Terra Universal’s Modular Wet Processing Station

Convenient front-panel valves control operation of nitrogen or auxiliary gas equipment, DI water, exhaust venting, and power. A storage area below the deck holds collection tanks or reserve chemicals. In this configuration, process bath controls are mounted at the rear of the station, immediately above air-flow control baffles.

Product Family: Wetbench, Wet Bench
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