Thermo / Neslab FTC-350 Flow Through Cooler
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Thermo / Neslab FTC-350 Flow Through Cooler


  • 450 Watts at 20°C
  • 180 Watts at 0°C
  • Air Intake of 200 ft³/minute

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This Thermo / Neslab FTC-350 Flow Through Cooler is used and in excellent condition.

Input Voltage: 115 VAC

The FTC-350 does not have a pump nor does it have a heating element. It is designed to cool an already existing liquid flow.

Stock # 62741-1

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The Neslab FTC-350A Flow Through Cooler is a mechanical refrigeratin unit designed to allow a NESLAB EXACAL bath/circulator to operate at temperatures from +40°C to -20°C. The FTC-350A can also be used in conjunction wih an EXACAL bath/circulator to maintain or cool the temperature of a closed loop external system.

The unit consists of an air-cooled refrigeration system and a stainless steel heat exchanger.

The unit incorporates design features to prevent damage to the unit in the even that the circulating fluid freezes. If temperatures below 8°C are desired, a non-freezing fluid should be used.

Product Family: FTC-350, FTC 350, FTC350
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Neslab FTC-350 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Thermo / Neslab Website