Thermo / Barnstead Fi-Streem III Glass Still Single Distiller
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Thermo / Barnstead Fi-Streem III Glass Still Single Distiller


  • Glass Components Ensure High Purity Standards
  • Unique Condenser Vapor Trap
  • Provides Pyrogen Free Distilled Water
  • Designed with Capabilities for Tap or Pretreated Feed Water
  • Automatic Microprocessor Controls Operation and Cleaning

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This Thermo / Barnstead A56210-857 Fi-Streem III Glass Still Single Distiller is used and in excellent condition. All items and accessories included are shown in the photos.

• Model: A56210-857
• Input Voltage: 240 VAC
• Dimensions W x D x H: 12 x 15 x 30 in
• Cooling Water Consumption: 60 LPH
• Water Capacity: 4 LPH
• Number of Heaters: 2

Barnstead A56210-857 Fi-Streem III Glass Still with door removed View Photo

Stock # 63896-10

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The Fi-Streem III is an automatic water still providing high grade pyrogen free distilled water. Its unique cyclonic effect condenser vapor trap eliminates any vapor born droplets in the distillate, ensuring distilled water of the highest quality. In order to provide an optimum flow through the condensers and to avoid water wastage, the still is fitted with a flow controller in the condenser feed pipe.

Product Family: A56210 857, A56210857, A56210-857, A56218 857, A56218857, A56218-857, A56220 857, A56220857, A56220-857, A56228 857, A56228857, A56228-857, A74410, A 74410, A74415, A 74415, A74415 60, A7441560, A74415-60
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Barnstead Fi-Streem III Glass Still Manual (pdf)  
Link to Thermo / Barnstead Website