Horiba / Spex 1681B 0.22m Spectrometer
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Horiba / Spex 1681B 0.22m Spectrometer


  • Compact Spectrometer
  • Four-Digit Wavelength Counter
  • High Throughput

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This Horiba / Spex 1681B 0.22m Spectrometer is used and in good condition. A Spex Hand Scan Controller and two Spex 0.25mm slits are included with this system.

The installed grating has a smudge on it and will need professional cleaning. All other optics are in very good shape.
View Photo of smudge on grating

Dimensions (L x W X H): 13.25 x 8.5 x 11 in

Model Number: 232-1681B

Stock # 64673-1

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The Horiba / Spex 1681B 0.22m Spectrometer is a compact general-purpose spectrometer that can deliver high purity radiation without sacrificing throughput. Its internal drive circuitry couples directly to a Spex Minidrive-2, CD2 Compudrive scan controller, or the DM3000 spectroscopy computer. The Spex 1681B has a four-digit wavelength counter that displays the central wavelength of light that will pass through the spectrometer. This counter is calibrated in nanometers. Spectral range scans are done with a drive system that is that is linear in wavelength. Gratings can be rotated in steps as small as 0.02 nm (standard grating).

Product Family: Spex 1681, Spex-1681, Sepx1681, Spex 1681B, Spex-1681B, Spex1681B, 1681 B, 1681-B, 1681B
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Horiba / Spex 1681B Spectrometer Manual (pdf)  
Link to Horiba / Spex Website