Mettler Toledo AutoChem ALLEXis Automated Liquid-Liquid Extraction Intuitive System
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Mettler Toledo AutoChem ALLEXis Automated Liquid-Liquid Extraction Intuitive System


  • Ultra-Compact
  • Automatic Boundary Detection
  • Flexible Workup Volume Capability
  • Intuitive Software

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This Mettler Toledo ALLEXis Automated Liquid-Liquid Extraction Intuitive System is used and in excellent condition. This unit was removed from a production facility and is fully functional. A good effort to maintain all of its accessories was made. All accessories and documentation included with this unit are listed below. Please contact Mettler Toledo for any additional accessories and documentation.

Computer (Built Into the ALLEXis Housing) :
• Processor: Pentium 4
• OS: Windows 2000
• Memory: 256MB RAM
• Hard Drive: 18GB HDD
• Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

• PCAN Explorer Ver 2.0.1 Build 109
• PCAN (Pcanview) Ver 2.0.7 Build 049
• Pico Technology (Picoscope) Release 5.09.3d
• MTAutoChem (Allexis Manager, Allexis Wizard, Hardware Configuration) Ver 1.0

Solvent Syringe Size:
• (2) 50ml

Settling Chamber Size:
• (2) 13ml
• (2) 50ml
• (2) 75ml
• (2) 100ml

View Photo of Solvent Syringe, Settling Chambers and Additional Nozzle

Dimensions (L x W x H): 23 x 24.75 x 34.5 in
Input Voltage: 100-240

Stock # 64709-5

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The Mettler Toledo ALLEXis (Automated Liquid-Liquid Extraction Intuitive System) is an ultra-compact automated separating funnel system used for liquid/liquid extraction applications. It performs solution phase work-up without the need for prior sample knowledge such as volume, types of solvents and nature of samples. ALLEXis offers many features, including automatic boundary detection, flexible workup volume capability and intuitive software. The flexible, easy to use software allows for fast, error-free programming.

Product Family: ALLEXis, ALLEX is, ALLEX-is, Allexis, Allex is, Allex-is
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