Thermo / Cellomics ArrayScan HCS Integrated High Content Screening System

Thermo / Cellomics ArrayScan HCS Integrated High Content Screening System

This Thermo/Cellomics ArrayScan HCS Integrated High Content Screening System is used and in excellent condition.

Thermo Scientific now supports this product and will need to be contacted for software licensing, training and support. The included software will not work without a license key.

• Processor: Pentium II 400MHz
• OS: Windows 95
• Memory: 384MB RAM
• Hard Drive: 78GB HDD

PCI Cards:
• DIGI AccelePort 4r 920., RS-232 Interface
• Roper Scientific, Model 2, Frame Grabber

• Photometrix

Software Includes 3 CDs Labeled As:
• "ArrayScan 3.1/4.0 BioApplication Master Installer (SW000050A-3) 10/28/04"
• "ArrayScan 3.1/4.0 BioApplication Master Installer (SW000050A-3) 6/17/04"
• "ArrayScan 4.0 Bioapplications Installer (SW000050A-3) 2/26/04"

Thermo / Cellomics Robotic Plate Stacker:
• Plate Capacity: 19-20 Plates Depending on Plate Manufacturer
• Supported Microplates: 96- and 384-Well Standard Microplates
• Plate Storage Area: 2 removable Stacks
• Plate Sensor: Mechanical Push Button

Hamamatsu 200 Series Illumination Source:
• 200W UV Spot Light Source
• Mercury-Xenon Lamp
• 100/200V Automatic Switching Power Supply
(Lamp in unit has 1145 hours of use. A second unused lamp is also included)

Cellomics Live Cell Chamber Controller:
• Programmable Temperature Controls
• Gas Flow and Purge Switches
• Computer Connection
• Gas Input 20 PSI Max

The included Live Cell Chamber Controller works but is not compatible with this ArrayScan HCS system.

View Photo of Roper Scientific Quantix Camera
View Photo of included cords and extra lamps
View Photo of ArrayScan Manuals
View Photo of ArrayScan Software
View Photo of Live Cell Chamber Controller

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Thermo / Cellomics ArrayScan / ArrayScan II HCS Integrated High Content Screening Systems

  • Measures Various Cellular Changes
  • Reveals Specificity, Cytotoxicity, and Bioavailability Information
  • Real Screening Capacity With Fast Screening Mode
  • Store Cell Images and Data for Later Review
  • Processes Data "On-The-Fly"
  • Automatically Converts Raw Image Data
  • Quantifies Multiple Fluorescent Signals On or In Cells


The Thermo/Cellomics ArrayScan HCS System is an automated system for screening arrays of fluorescently labeled cells within a microplate. It is designed for performing quantitative multicolor fluorescence intensity and morphological measurements of cells labeled with one or more fluorescent dyes. Measurements are made on a cell-by-cell or field-by-field basis within each well. The ArrayScan HCS Reader uses fluorescence microscopy and image digitization techniques, as well as proprietary software, to acquire and process images as digital information. The ArrayScan HCS System images cells within the wells of standard microplates. In combination with the HitKit series of reagent kits that label specific cellular constituents, the ArrayScan software automatically measures the multiparametric effects of new drug candidates in the highly complex environment of the cell.

The unique optical path of the ArrayScan HCS System is optimized for performing rapid automated scans in clear-bottom microplates. The system automatically focuses on a field of fluorescently labeled cells and acquires images at each selected channel. The ArrayScan software identifies and measures individual features and structures within each cell in a field of cells, so that hundreds of cells are analyzed in parallel. The software then tabulates and presents the results in user-defined formats automatically. All of the raw data, including images of individual cells, are archived and available for inspection and analysis.

The ArrayScan HCS software provides for multicolor imaging, automated cell-based image analysis, and data management for archiving, analysis and creation of reports. An intuitive, graphical user interface guides you through image acquisition, image analysis, data review and data reporting.

The system fits easily into your current laboratory and permits growth into higher-density array formats.

Product Family: ArrayScan HCS, Array Scan HCS, Array-Scan HCS

Important Notice: Please note that any additional items included with this equipment such as accessories, manuals, cables, calibration data, software, etc. are specifically listed in the above stock item description and/or displayed in the photos of the equipment. Please contact one of our Customer Support Specialists if you have any questions about what is included with this equipment or if you require any additional information.

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Thermo / Cellomics ArrayScan / ArrayScan II HCS Integrated High Content Screening SystemsThermo / Cellomics ArrayScan / ArrayScan II HCS Integrated High Content Screening SystemsThermo / Cellomics ArrayScan / ArrayScan II HCS Integrated High Content Screening Systems
Thermo / Cellomics ArrayScan / ArrayScan II HCS Integrated High Content Screening Systems

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