Harvard Apparatus PHD2000 Syringe Pump Series
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Harvard Apparatus PHD2000 Syringe Pump Series


  • Minimum Pressure is 0.0001 µl/hr with Single 0.5 µl Syringe
  • Maximum Pressure is 220.82 ml/min with Single 140 ml Syringe
  • Built-in Syringe Table and Customized Settings
  • Independent Rates for Infusing and Refilling

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This Harvard Apparatus PHD2000 Infusion Syringe Pump is used and in excellent condition.

Model: 70-2000

Stock # 65069-3

This Harvard Apparatus PHD2000 Programmable Syringe Pump is used and in excellent condition.

Model: 70-2002

Stock # 65069-2

This New Era Pump Systems NE-4000 Double Syringe Pump is Brand New and includes full manufacturer's warranty.

Syringe SizeMax Rate (mL/hr)Min Rate (µL/hr)
0.5 µL91.830.001
1 mL191.21.459
3 cc693.45.291
5 cc146211.17
10 cc216016.49
20 cc351426.82
30 cc461935.25
60 cc763558.26

This pump is similar to the Harvard Apparatus PHD2000

Stock # 66980-5

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The Harvard Apparatus PHD2000 Syringe Pump Series combine Harvard's best pump mechanism, a redesigned user interface and a wide range of configuration options. All PHD2000 models can deliver the ultra-low smooth flow rates required for microdialysis.

A lookup table in the pump's software contains the dimensions of syringes from all the major manufacturers. A bright, two line display lets you read all the pertinent information from across the lab. All models have RS-232 and TTL ports for external control and monitoring. Up to 99 pumps can be joined together with daisy-chain cables and operated from a single computer.

Product Family: PHD2000, PHD-2000, PHD 2000
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