BioLogic SFM-4 Stopped-Flow Module
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BioLogic SFM-4 Stopped-Flow Module


  • Microprocessor-Controlled Stop-Flow Instrument
  • Mixes 2-4 Solutions on Motorized Syringes

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This Biologic SFM-4/Q Stopped-Flow / Quenched-Flow Module is used and in excellent condition. This unit comes with a Parker Series 4 2-Way Valve (VAC-100PSIG) with a BNC connection.

The SFM-4/Q can be used to perform many types of mixing experiments in quenched-flow mode. A few possibilities are to load several reagents, mix them and quench the reaction with the contents of the last; use syringes loaded with reagents and buffer to vary the concentration of one or two reagents; and to preform sequential mixing and delays between up to 3 reagents before they are mixed with the content of the last syringe.


• Four 30 ml Syringes

Part Number: SFM-4/Q
Parker VAC-100PSIG P/N: 4-39-900

View a close up of the Parker VAC-100PSIG and BNC connection.

Stock # 65453-1

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The BioLogic stopped-flow module (SFM), consists of a mechanical subsystem and a motor power supply (MPS). The SFM-4 mechanical sub-system consists of four machined syringes, one valve block with 4x3-way valves, with the possibility to include one to three mixers and one to two ageing loops. All SFM syringes, valves, delay lines and cuvettes are enclosed in a water jacket to allow temperature regulation of the reactants containers. The syringe plungers of the SFM are driven by stepping motors via ball screws.

The mechanical part of the SFM module is carefully constructed. The parts in contact with the sample and the buffers are all machined out of materials selected for their inert characteristics: stainless steel, Teflon, Kel-F, VITON, EPDM, PEEK and quartz.

Millisecond dead time can be achieved with the SFM due to the combined effects of high performance control of the stepping motors, and low dead volumes.

Ageing lines of various volumes can be used in the SFM. The ageing line(s) of the instrument can be replaced and secured in a few minutes.

The SFM-4/S allows two to four solutions to be mixed and injected in to the cuvette and one of two delay lines to be installed.

The SFM-4/Q can be used as a quench-flow instrument with two to three syringes, up to one delay line, either single or double mixing and a diverting valve for waste and collect. Alternatively, an external flow line can be connected for direct injection of the mixture into a quenching solution.

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Bio Logic SFM-3 / SFM-4 User's Manual (pdf) 
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