VWR / Shel Lab 5216 Signature Series Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator
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VWR / Shel Lab 5216 Signature Series Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator


  • Microprocessor Temperature and CO2 Control
  • Tempered Glass Door with Heated Outer Door
  • Independent Over-Temperature Protection
  • +8°C to -60°C CO2 Temperature Range

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This VWR / Shel Lab 5216 Signature Series Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator is new from surplus stock. This unit includes a drip tray, three shelves, six rails, and Hepa filter.

Part Number: 9120966

Outer: 25" W x 27" D x 28" H
Inner: 19" W x 20" D x 26" H

(View Photo) of the (3) removable shelves.
(View Photo) of the (6) rails used to install the shelves.
(View Photo) of the Drip Tray.
(View Photo) of the Hepa Filter and humidity pan.

Input Voltage: 115 V Only

Stock # 66704-5

These VWR Incubator Feet are used and in good condition.

• 1 Inch of Coarse Threading
• 1 Inch Diameter of Wax Caster
• Includes 4 Units per Purchase

Stock # 62042-2

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This VWR / Shel Lab Signature CO2 incubator, with its HEPA filtration system and patented copper housing, draws chamber air through the filter system, removing and destroying airborne microbes and isolated particulates. The copper oxidation kills contaminants. The HEPA filter has an efficiency rating of 99.97% at 0.3µm.

A seamless chamber with radius corners makes it easy to clean. An air jacket around the chamber ensures precise temperature uniformity, reducing the possibility of contamination due to condensation within the chamber. Easily removable shelf system further simplifies the cleaning and decontamination process.

An infrared (IR) CO2 sensor ensures accurate detection and control of CO2 levels in chamber. Unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity, the sensor quickly detects a change in the CO2 concentration as small as 0.1% and compensates accordingly, allowing for rapid CO2 recovery. Humidification is achieved through natural evaporation of distilled water in the humidity pan.

Product Family: 15001-110, 15001110, 15001 110, 35823-395, 35910-724, 35910-886, 89029-916, 89029-914, 89029-910, 89029-912, 14231-834, 55430-009, 13500-004, 35910-737, 35910-921, 35910-952, 35910-908, 55850-414, 32033-000, 13501-924, 61010-020
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