American Hofmann 11.1 Horizontal Universal Balancer
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American Hofmann 11.1 Horizontal Universal Balancer


  • Hard-Bearing suspension with Permanent Calibration
  • Piezo-Electric Transducers
  • Force-Measuring Balancing Machine
  • Two-Plane, Single-Plane, and Couple Balancing Capability
  • Variable Speed Motor(s)
  • Work Supports Fully Traversable Along Rails

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This unit ships as photoed.

We do not have all the accessories and peripherals to test this unit but we were able to boot the controller and navigate through the system screens. You can see screen shot photos below. Please contact American Hofmann for pricing and availability of any additional needed parts and accessories. The included accessories are in the photo adjacent to the controller. This item will be sold as/is without warranty and will be priced accordingly.

View Photo of screen shot of software
View Photo of software help screen

Stock # 66743-5

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The American Hofmann 11.1 is a two-plane, horizontal balancing machine for universal applications including armatures, precision spindles, shafts, pump impellers, blowers, fans, turbines, rollers, and other applications requiring high-precision balancing. Hard-bearing technology and force-measuring transducers ensure extremely accurate and sensitive unbalance measurement.

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ConfigurationBelt Drive
Maximum normal operating weight of rotor8 kg (18 lb)
Maximum weight per pedestal4 kg (7.5 lb)
Minimum weight of rotor0.03 kg (1 oz)
Maximum diameter of rotor over-underdrive machine bracket200 mm (7-7/8 in)
Max. diameter of rotor over rest of machine bed250 mm (10 in)
Maximum length of rotor between centers of bearings460 mm (18 in)
Minimum length of rotor between centers of bearings13 mm (0.5 in)
Balancing speeds single speedRotor dependent
Accuracy (displacement of C.G.)≤ 0.25 µm (≤ 10 µin)
Sensitivity≤ 0.25 gmm/kg
Unbalance reduction ratio95%
Power of motor (standard)Fractional hp ac
Electrical characteristics115 V, single-phase, 60 Hz
230 V, single-phase, 50 Hz
Electrical service15 A

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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

American Hofmann 11.1 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to American Hofmann Website