Despatch Industries LAC-6 Series Laboratory Convection Oven
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Despatch Industries LAC-6 Series Laboratory Convection Oven


  • High Fan Volume of Forced Recirculated Air
  • Heating Temperatures to 260 C (500°F)
  • Rapid Response Heater
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • Walls for Temperature Uniformity
  • Protocol Plus Temperature Control System

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This Despatch Industries LAC 1-38A-6 Laboratory Convection Oven is used and in excellent condition.

LAC 1-38A-6 Configuration:
• Recirculating Fan CFM: 300
• Max Temp: 260 C (500ºF)
• Heater Watts: 1600

Chamber Size W x D x H: 18.75 x 18 x 19 (in)
Input Voltage: 120V

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Stock # 66917-5

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The Despatch Industries LAC-6 Series Laboratory Convection Ovens are bench ovens to 260 C (500°F) with forced convection airflow. The LAC-6 Series Ovens have effective heat distribution and fast processing time. Air is discharged from the left side wall of the oven and circulates through the chamber. They are especially useful for testing, preheating, sterilizing, drying, aging and curing as well as other production applications. Horizontal airflow with precision digital control delivers uniform, fast processing. The overall result is efficient productivity under strenuous conditions.

The Despatch Industries Protocol Plus is a modular microprocessor based digital temperature controller. The Protocol Plus operates as a dual functioning controller/high limit instrument. The control portion utilizes a time-proportioning voltage signal to control heating devices with minimal temperature fluctuations. The high limit portion protects the product and/or the oven from overheating.

Product Family: LAC-6, LAC 6, LAC 1-10-6, LAC 1 10 6, LAC 1-38A-6, LAC 1 38A 6, LAC 1-38B-6, LAC 1 38B 6, LAC 1-67-6, LAC 1 67 6, LAC 2-12-6, LAC 2 12 6, LAC 2-18-6, LAC 2 18 6, Bench Convection Oven
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