Newport / Oriel Exposure Control Instrument Series
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Newport / Oriel Exposure Control Instrument Series


  • RS-233 Communications
  • Dose Control
  • Reduces Short Term Variations
  • Ensures Stable Long Term Output

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This Newport / Oriel 68945 Digital Exposure Control Module is used and in excellent condition. This unit is also known as a Digital Timer.

The Digital Timer controls any Oriel Shutter, for timed exposure applications. Accurate, repeatable timed exposures down to 2 ms are possible. This unit provides TTL output for the driver which is a part of the shutter system.

Part Number: 68945

Stock # 67250-2

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The Newport / Oriel Light Intensity Control and Digital Timer System is a light intensity controller and digital timer in one. The Light Intensity Controller maintains a constant light output from your arc, deuterium and quartz tungsten halogen lamps, and the digital timer allows timed exposures and dose control. RS-232 communications allow computer controlled operation.

The System features RS-232 communications, dose control and reduces short term variations, while conveniently mounting directly to Oriel lamp housings.

Product Family: 68950, 68945, 6885, 68856, 68955, 68956
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Newport / Oriel Exposure Control Instruments Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Newport / Oriel Website