Thermo / HAAKE Viscotester 550 Viscometer System
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Thermo / HAAKE Viscotester 550 Viscometer System


  • Viscosity Measurements According to DIN/ISO Standards
  • Precise Measurement of Viscosity in Controlled Rate Mode
  • Yield Point Determination in Controlled Mode
  • Compatible with a Wide Range of Measurement Systems

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This Thermo / Haake PK 100 Cone and Plate Measuring System is used and in excellent condition. This is just for the PK 100 base unit (see adjacent photo), and it is not the complete viscotester instrument. Instrument ships without any other accessories.

Part Number: 001-6295

The PK 100 Cone and Plate Measuring System with Connector for Circulator (∅ 8 mm) is ideal used for measuring firm, paste-like materials. It consists of the lower measuring plate MP60 on which the interchangeable measuring cones (not included) rotate, thus shearing the test sample. In ISO 3219 characteristic values are fixed in order to achieve comparable measurement results with different instruments.

Stock # 67334-10

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The Thermo / HAAKE Viscotester 550 is specially designed for Quality Control applications. It is a rotational viscometer that measures precisely, quickly and simply the viscosity and low behavior of liquid and semisolid test materials. All results like viscosity, shear stress, shear rate, yield point and operating temperature are displayed in the digital LED display.

The Thermo / HAAKE Viscotester 550 does not mind if a sample is thin like an oil, a paint or a ceramic slurry or as pasty as cremes, salves or a PVC plastisol. One unit covers the whole application range from very thin to very thick.

Product Family: PT100, PT 100, PT-100, PK100, PK 100, PK-100, MP60, MP 60, MP-60, 327-0001, 327-0002, 327 0001, 327 0002, 3270001, 3270002
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