Coherent / Molectron Opti-Mum 4001 4-Channel Joulemeter/Ratiometer
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Coherent / Molectron Opti-Mum 4001 4-Channel Joulemeter/Ratiometer


  • 4 Independent Channels
  • Measure Pulse Energy or Peak Voltage Independently of Each Channel
  • Rep Rates up to 1000 pps
  • Wide Dynamic Range: pJ to J, µV to V
  • Ratio Measurement: Any Two Channels, Any Order
  • Autorange and Baseline Correction
  • Manual or Remote Configuration
  • RS-232 and IEEE-488 Interfaces
  • Data Logger and Trigger Syncer
  • Touchscreen Display

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This Coherent / Opti-Mum 4001 4-Channel Joulemeter/Ratiometer is used and in excellent condition.

Model: OM4001

Stock # 67592-1

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The Coherent / Molectron OM4001 is a versatile instrument. Four independent channels, each one compatible with all of Molectron's pyroelectric and silicon Joulemeter probes, pJ to J, UV to Far IR. A supertwist LCD and transparent touchscreen allow for hundreds of different display configurations, all completely customizable by the user.

The OM4001 is capable of a complete suite of statistical functions, including measuring minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviations. Storing data for later download is easy with the OM4001's data logging capability. Capture up to 64000 energy readings at a time.

Remote control of the OM4001 is easy, using its exclusive Command and Control Language (CCL), which includes many commands not available from the front panel. Configure, set, and read the OM4001 without ever being near it.

A brilliant instrument, fast, customizable, and easy to use, the OM4001 is the essential tool to measure or analyze energy readings in any single or multi-channel system.

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