PTI / MUT BryteBox Fluorescence Interface
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PTI / MUT BryteBox Fluorescence Interface


  • Perform Data Acquisition Through PC Workstations
  • Stream High Speed Data and Control TTL Inputs and Outputs
  • Minimal Latency

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This PTI / MUT BryteBox Fluorescence Interface is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 30-101998

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The PTI / MUT BryteBox data acquisition computer streams data to the host computer for acquisition. This gives the user the benefit of running experiments without worrying about host computer interruptions or the limitation of the computer. You can stream high speed data and control TTL inputs and outputs with minimal latency.

Product Family: BryteBox, Bryte Box, Bryte-Box, BriteBox, Brite Box, Brite-Box, RatioMaster, Felix32, Felix Software, PTI Spectrofluorometer, 341-F, 341 F, 341F, Messgerate Fur Medizinund Umwelttechnik, MIT
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Operating Voltage85-264VAC (47-440Hz)
Operating temperature0 to 40°C
Analog Inputs
Differential Analog In (Input range)±50mV; ±500mV; ±100mV; ±1V (Selectable)
Signal In; A1-A6 (Input Range)±5V; ±10V; (Selectable)
ADC Parameters
Relative Accuracy±1/2 ±LSB (Max.)
Gain Error±3LSB (max.)
Bipolar Zero Error±4LSB (max.)
Conversion Time 1.65 µs per Channel
Throughput Time130 kSPS For 4 Channels
Analog Outputs
Output range-5V to +5V; 0 to +5V; 0 to .5V (Selectable)
Relative Accuracy±1SB (max.)
Gain Error±2LSB (Max.)
Offset Error±5LSB (Max.)
Data Acquisition Rate1500 Data Points Per Second
RS232Standard: Supporting RTS/CTS Handshake
Ethernet10 Mbps Ethernet (10 Base-T)
TTL Inputs
D1, D2Standard LS-TTL /w 0.4 V Hysteresis
Input Level50 Ohm Line Termination (Selectable)
Counter Width32 Bit
Hold Off0 - 5100 ns (Software Setting)
Detector Saturation0 - 5100 ns (Software Setting)
Max. Frequency1/HoIdOff to 25MHz (= 1/2 Fs)
TTL In 1; TTL In 2; MD5020 Calibration Flag; Chopper Trigger; Extern Trigger ADC1; Extern Trigger ADC2 Standard LS-TTL /w 0.4 V Hysteresis
Input Level Max. Frequency> 10KHz (Software polling)
High Speed TTL INStandard LS-TTL /w 0.4 V Hysteresis
Input LevelProgrammable Interrupt Driven
Special supportPos./Neg. Edge or Level
TTL Outputs
TTL Out 1; TTL Out 2; Shutter 1-4Standard LS-TTL Output
Strobe Detector PulseStandard LS-TTL Output
Generator Signals20ns
32 Bit

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