Horiba / PTI MD-5020 Motor Driver
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Horiba / PTI MD-5020 Motor Driver


  • Adjustable Knob For Stirring Function
  • Allows Access For Up to Six Motors
  • Four +/- 15V Plugs
  • Computer Interface Plug
  • Ventilation Fan

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This PTI MD-5020 Motor Driver is used and in excellent condition.

Stock # 68594-1

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The PTI MD-5020 can control up to six motors and there is four access point on the rear panel for +/-15V plugs. A fan is located on the rear panel to ventilate the machine while active. This PTI MD-5020 Motor Driver is part of a ratio fluorescence system.

Product Family: Photon Technology International, MD-5020, MD5020, MD 5020, SC-500, SC500, SC 500, LPS-220B, LPS220B, LPS 220B, LPS-220, LPS220, LPS 220
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