Thermo / HAAKE RS75 Rheostress Rheometer
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Thermo / HAAKE RS75 Rheostress Rheometer


  • Measures Visco-Elastic Substances and Conditions
  • 2 PT 100 Ports
  • 3 Serial Ports
  • High Power Cooling Fan
  • Controlled Rate, Controlled Stress Oscillation Measurement Modes

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This Thermo / HAAKE RS75 Rheostress Rheometer is used and in good condition. This is the base unit only. Additional modules, cables, and accessories are sold separately. Please contact Thermo for pricing and availability of accessories needed for your application. This item ships as pictured.

Part Number: 003-2161

Stock # 69182-1

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The Thermo / HAAKE RS75 Rheostress Rheometer measures visco-elastic substances and conditions. It has 2 PT 100 ports, 3 serial ports, a high power cooling fan, and green and red LED indicator lights. The RS75 rheometer can be used for several tests. Measurement mode, controlled rate (CR), is used to measure the apparent viscosity and used for recording of the flow curves and the analysis of thixotropy. The controlled stress (CS) mode is used for the examination of a sample’s structure or for the recording of the flow curves in very low shear rate range. Oscillation (OSC) test mode can be used to study viscoelasticity, such as the storage and loss moduli.

Product Family: RS75, RS-75, RS 75, VT6L, VT6R, VT7L, VT7R, 002-8750, 0028750, 1 95 005303 005, 195005303005, 0026354
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