Fisher Scientific Marathon 21000 Series Centrifuges
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Fisher Scientific Marathon 21000 Series Centrifuges


  • Up to 15,000 RPM
  • Balance Sensors for Safety
  • Brushless Motor
  • Capacity-4x 250ml
  • Maximum Tube Size-60.8 mm x 125 mm Long
  • Max Speed-15,000 rpm
  • Maximum Force-21,000xG
  • Speed Control - Variable
  • Timer-Range: 0 to 99min 59sec with Continuous Run Resolution: 1 sec

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This Fisher Scientific Marathon 21000 Centrifuge is used and in excellent condition. This unit includes a Hermle AD8.9 rotor without tube rack inserts. Please contact the manufacturer for pricing and availability.

View Photo of rotor without tube rack inserts.

Stock # 69884-5

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The Fisher Scientific Marathon 21000 series units are high-speed, multi purpose centrifuges, used in medical, industrial, and scientific applications. The Marathon 21000 Series is available in two models:ventilated (21000) and refrigerated (21000R). Both models accommodate swinging bucket or fixed angle rotors. They can process a variety of tubes, bottles, and microsample tubes. Swinging bucket styles feature a 4 x 250 mL or microplate carrier rotor. The microplate rotor can process both standard and deepwell microplates. Fixed angle styles include a 6 x 85 mL, an 8 x 28 mL or a microtube rotor.

The Marathon Series features a maintenance-free, brushless motor, and an easy-to-use front panel, which provides three versatile timing modes: automatic timed run, short spin (momentary), and hold (continuous mode). Acceleration and brake rates may be controlled, to optimize runs: rapid for fast separations or slow for delicate samples. Repeat runs, with the same speed and time settings, may be achieved at the touch of a key.

Product Family: 21000, 21K, 21000R, 21000-R, 21KR, 21K-R
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Fisher Scientific 21000 Series Manual (pdf) 
Link to Fisher Scientific Website