Thermo / Milton Roy Spectronic 501 / 601 Spectrophotometer
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Thermo / Milton Roy Spectronic 501 / 601 Spectrophotometer


  • Quick and Easy Absorbency or Transmittance Measurements at Single Wavelengths
  • Designed for Single Wavelength Measurements
  • Basic Operation

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This Thermo / Milton Roy Spectronic 601 Spectrophotometer is used and in excellent condition.


• Tungsten and Deuterium Lamps Installed
• Wavelength Range: 195-999nm
• Input Voltage: 120 VAC

Stock # 70283-1

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The Thermo / Milton Roy 501/601 Spectrophotometer is a simple instrument designed for quick and easy absorbency or transmittance measurements at single wavelengths. The 501 has a range of 325 to 999nm, while the 601 includes the UV range, (195-999nm), with the addition of a Deuterium lamp. These units come with a variety of options such as a heated or cooled sample holder, a recorder output, and an RS232 output. The units are designed for single wavelength measurements but a scanning program could be written via the RS232 communications port.

Product Family: 335426, 343424, 332879, 333150m 335101-10001, 335101-10020
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Thermo / Milton Roy Spectronic 501 / 601 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Thermo / Milton Roy Website