Harvard Apparatus PDMI-2 Open Perfusion Micro-Incubator
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Harvard Apparatus PDMI-2 Open Perfusion Micro-Incubator


  • Excellent Control of Both Temperature and Extracellular Medium
  • Three Heat Exchange Interfaces
  • Uses Peltier Technology

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This Harvard Apparatus PDMI-2 Open Perfusion Micro-Incubator is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 65-0043

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The Harvard Apparatus PDMI-2 Open Perfusion Micro-Incubator is a unique and versatile multipurpose cell/tissue culture unit which, in combination with its matching temperature controller (TC-202A), provides excellent control of both temperature and extracellular medium during:
   1. Intracellular,whole cell or single channel patch recording from dissociated or cultured cells
   2. Study of brain slice preparations
   3. Long-term optical examination of living tissue

Cell culture is increasingly being used for electrophysiological and optical studies. Although this preparation offers the convenience of a controlled growth environment in the incubator, less consideration has been given to the microscope’s environment where experimental examination takes place. One reason for this is the design problem associated with providing environmental conditioning,without limiting optical or electrode access or reducing the quality of any electrical recordings.

The PDMI-2 permits control of both temperature and composition of the extracellular medium. Three heat exchange interfaces to the culture's chamber allow perfusion to be stopped or started at will with minimal disturbance in temperature. Application of drugs or a change in the ionic composition is achieved without disturbing the set temperature or any electrodes. The PDMI-2 accepts CorningTM 35 mm plastic Petri dishes or an adapter holding glass cover-slips.

The PDMI-2 uses Peltier devices to drive the heat exchange. The design of the PDMI-2 avoids the normal need for peltier cooling water except at the lowest control temperatures.

Product Family: PDMI 2
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Harvard Apparatus PDMI-2 Manual (pdf) 
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