Micro-Radian ThetaScan TL40 Small Target Laser Autocollimator
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Micro-Radian ThetaScan TL40 Small Target Laser Autocollimator


  • Utilizes Micro-Radian's Micro-Beam Approach
  • Can Emit a 1.0 mm Diameter Beam
  • Simultaneous Two-Axis Measurement
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Simple to Operate

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This Micro-Radian ThetaScan TL40 Small Target Laser Autocollimator with E2 Digital Controller is used and in excellent condition.


• E2 Digital Controller

Stock # 71180-1

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The Micro-Radian ThetaScan TL40 Small Target Laser Autocollimator is an autocollimator capable of measuring parts to 1.0 mm. This product utilizes Micro-Radian's Micro-Beam approach.

In response to the need for aligning miniature mirrors and silicon read heads, Micro-Radian developed the Micro-Beam approach. The Micro-Beam system enables the TL40 autocollimator to emit a 1.0 mm diameter beam, thus ending the long-standing requirement that beam size and aperture size be the same. This exclusive feature gives the TL40 the ability to measure and align surfaces that were previously too small for autocollimators.

The compact, lightweight TL40 is simple to operate and is ideal for use on assembly lines or in remote monitoring applications. It will operate successfully in any mounting orientation and initial alignment is simple since the beam is easily visible to the naked eye.

Product Family: TL40, TL 40, TL-40, ThetaScan, Theta Scan, Theta-Scan
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Minimum Target Size1.0 mm Diameter
Maximum Measuring Range3600 Arc-Seconds in Each Axis
Maximum Working Distance1 Meter
Maximum Resolution0.1 Arc-Second
Measurement Linearity99.5%
Maximum Measurement Bandwidth1000 Hz
Diode Laser Light Source670 nm, Class II

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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Micro-Radian TL40 Datasheet (pdf) 
Micro-Radian E2 Manual (pdf) 
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