Gilson WTi-Type Piston Pump Heads
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Gilson WTi-Type Piston Pump Heads


  • Pure Titanium
  • Chemically Inert
  • Piston Rising Chamber
  • Long Term Performance

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This Gilson 200WTi-type Piston Pump Head Accessory Kit is used and in excellent condition.


• (1) Piston Seal Mounting Tool, Reference Number 95360006
• (2) ETFE Ferrules for 1.4 in. Uptight Flangeless Type Fitting, Reference Number 49041015
• (2) PVDF Male Lauer Fittings, Reference Number 495019
• (2) Polyacetal Screws, Uptight Flangeless Type, 1/4 in. - 28 TPI Black, Reference Number 49041017
• (1) Allen Wrench, 3 mm, Reference Number 4320302
• (2) Sintered Bubbling Stones
• (2) Small Clamps
• (1) Plastic Tubing Elbow
• (1) Square-Head Nylon Bolt
• (1) Kapsto Cap, Part Number GPN300/F28

Stock # 71360-10

This Gilson 200WTi Piston Pump Head is used and in excellent condition.

Stock # 71360-1

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The Gilson WTi-type Piston Pump Heads are specially designed for the stringent purification needs of biotechnology and for ion chromatography where the leaching of metal ions from stainless steel may cause undesirable interference.

These pump heads combine chemical inertness of pure titanium (ASTM Grade 2, Ti > 99%, Fe < 0.3%) with long term performance associated with the piston rinsing chamber. This chamber continuously washes the piston for troublefree pumping of high concentration saline solutions.

While metal ions may be responsible for a loss of enzymatic activity, or for interference with purified molecules, note that it is also important to use specially purified salts, solvents and reagents.

Titanium resists corrosion by saturated sodium chloride solutions at ambient temperatures and by hydrochloric acid up to about 5%, i.e. 1.5M and pH approximately - 0.1.

In addition, with the ability to rapidly self-repair its protective oxide film, titanium also exhibits high resistance to erosive and turbulent conditions.

Product Family: WTi-Type, WTi Type, WTiType, WTi200, WTi-200, WTi 200
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Gilson WTi-Type Piston Pump Head Manual (pdf) 
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