Mettler Toledo K-Line - Bench / Stand Scales
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Mettler Toledo K-Line - Bench / Stand Scales


  • Weighing ranges from 15 kg to 6000 kg
  • Platform sizes from 350 x 280 mm to 2000 x 1500 mm
  • Dust and water protection to IP66 and IP67
  • Certifiable resolution 15,000e / 32,000e

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This Mettler Toledo KB60s Scale Base is used and in excellent condition.

• Maximum Capacity: 60 kg, 120lb

Stock # 72884-1

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The assortment of bench- and stand scales of the Mettler Toledo K-line includes weighing ranges from 3 to 300 kg with a verifiable resolution of 15 000 e / 32 000 e. The weighing platform sizes vary from 280x350 mm to 600x800 mm. The hybrid construction - electromagnetic force compensation cell and lever arm system - guarantee optimum linearity with slightest corner load tolerances. The individual models are available as stainless steel- respectively as painted version and can be used in wet or dry areas.

Product Family: KA15s, KA32s, KB60/s, KCC150/s, KCC300/s, KCS300/s, KCS600/s, KC300/s, KC600/s, KD600, KD1500, KE1500/sk, KE3000/sk, KES1500/sk, KES3000/sk, KG3000/g, KG6000/g, KN1500/g
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