Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN II Multiscreen Apparatus
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Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN II Multiscreen Apparatus


  • Up to 40 Different Samples
  • Two Independent Sample Templates allow Screening of Two Mini Blots
  • Only 600 µl of Sample is Used Per Channel

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This Bio-Rad Mini-Protean II Multiscreen Apparatus is used and in excellent condition.

• 2 Multiscreen Sample Templates
• 2 Gaskets
• Base Plate

Stock # 72983-1

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With the Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN II Multiscreen Apparatus you can quickly and easily screen up to 40 different antibody or serum samples on Western blots, without having to cut the membranes into strips. Only 600 µl of sample is used per channel, eliminating waste of precious antibody. Two individual and independent sample templates allow screening of either one or two mini blots. The multiscreen apparatus is simple to operate. Electrophorese an antigen sample on an SDS-PAGE mini gel using the Mini-PROTEAN II cell, and blot it onto nitrocellulose or Zeta-Probe membrane with the Mini Trans-Blot, Trans-Blot, or Trans-Blot SD cell. After blocking the unreacted sites, clamp the membrane between the gasket and sample template. The assembly is held together with four screws, and the rubber sealing gasket prevents any well-to-well leakage. Pipet serum or antibody samples into each of the channels for incubation with the anitgen. Wash solutions can be easily introduced with the Eppendorf Repeater pipet, and are rapidly removed by vacuum aspiration. The Multiscreen apparatus is compatible with all common Western blotting procedures.

Product Family: Mini-PROTEAN II
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Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN II Multiscreen Apparatus Manual (pdf) 
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