Newport / Oriel 7010x Series Merlin Digital Lock-In Radiometry Systems
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Newport / Oriel 7010x Series Merlin Digital Lock-In Radiometry Systems


  • Phase Sensitive Detection of Low Level Light Signals
  • Utilizes State of the Art Digital Signal Processing Techniques
  • Basic Unit Computer Interface is Either RS-232 or IEEE-488
  • Systems Consists of Chopper, Detector Head, Control, and Processing Unit

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This unit connects between a Newport/Oriel Monochromator and the Newport/Oriel 70100 Control Unit.

Input Voltage: 110/220

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The Newport / Oriel 7010x Series Merlin Digital Lock-In Radiometry Systems are designed to provide all the necessary functions needed for phase sensitive detection of low level light signals, or Lock-In Amplification, utilizing state of the art digital signal processing techniques. Chopper control board and multi-detector compatible, dual channel interface board are standard with the basic unit. A computer interface (either RS-232 or IEEE-488) is part of the basic unit. A second full function detector interface channel may be ordered as part of the Merlin (Models 70104 and 70105) or the second detector channel may be purchased separately (M odel 70102) for upgrading a single channel unit.

A basic Merlin System consists of a chopper, a detector head and the Merlin control and processing unit. The chopper modulates the radiation to be measured. The detector head senses the chopped radiation and the zero level as the blade blocks the beam. The Merlin control unit drives the chopper and acts as a lock-in amplifier to retrieve the signal and ignore detector signal from unchopped radiation. Merlin computes the signal value using any previously input calibration data. The signal value is displayed in appropriate units.

Product Family: 7010x Series, 70100, 70101, 70102, 70103, 70104, 70105
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