Lake Shore Cryotronics 460 3-Channel Gaussmeter
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Lake Shore Cryotronics 460 3-Channel Gaussmeter


  • Displays Each Axis Simultaneously
  • Vector Magnitude Reading
  • Resolution to 5¾ Digits (1 Part out of ±3000,000)
  • Accuracy to ±0.10% of Reading
  • Analog Voltage Outputs

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• Corrected Analog Output: ±3 V

Input Voltage: 100V / 120V

Stock # 91535-1

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The Lake Shore Cryotronics 460 3-Channel Gaussmeter is the best choice for applications requiring 3-axis measurements or three simultaneous single axis measurements. The Model 460 combines the performance of three gaussmeters into one package, making it an excellent value for materials analysis and field mapping applications. The large vacuum fluorescent display shows readings for all three channels simultaneously as well as vector magnitude or differential readings. The full-function keypad provides easy access to measurement features.

Product Family: LakeShore Cryotronics, LakeShore 460, 460
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