Qiagen 852xx Series TissueLysers Universal Laboratory Mixer-Mill Disruptor
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Qiagen 852xx Series TissueLysers Universal Laboratory Mixer-Mill Disruptor


  • Rapid and Efficient Disruption of Up to 192 Biological Samples
  • Homogenization via Beating and Grinding Effect of Beads
  • One Simple and Reliable Step to Disrupt and Homogenize Sample Material

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This unit is also known as the Retsch 85210 TissueLyser.

Part Number: 20.742.0004

Voltage Input: 120 V

Stock # 92405-1

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The Qiagen 852xx Series TissueLysers Universal Laboratory Mixer-Mill Disruptor provides rapid and efficient disruption of up to 192 biological samples, including plant and animal tissues, bacteria, and yeast. Disruption and homogenization are achieved through the beating and grinding effect of beads on the sample material as they are shaken together in the grinding vessels.

Disruption is critically important in order to release the nucleic acids from the sample material. Homogenization of the material acts to shear the high-molecular-weight cellular proteins and carbohydrates that may otherwise reduce binding of DNA and RNA to silica membranes or magnetic particles. Sample disruption using, for example, a mortar and pestle does not result in efficient homogenization. The TissueLyser both disrupts and homogenizes sample material in one simple and reliable step.

The TissueLyser is easily programmed to provide variable speeds from 3 to 30 Hz (180-1800 oscillations/minutes) and run times from 10 seconds to 99 minutes.

Product Family: 20.742.0004, 85210, 85200, 85220
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Qiagen 852xx Series TissueLysers Manual (pdf) 
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