HunterLab ColorQuest II Sphere
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HunterLab ColorQuest II Sphere


  • Measures Reflected or Transmitted Color
  • Integrating Sphere of Six Inches in Diameter
  • 152 mm Sphere Diameter

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Software and software dongle are not included. Please contact manufacturer for pricing and availability.

• Input Power: 115 VAC ±10 at 60Hz or 230 VAC ±20 at 50Hz
• Optical Sensor: 15.25" W x 24" L x 9" H
• Communications Interface: RS-232C Serial DB-25
• Operating Temperature: 40°F - 120°F (5°C - 50°C)
• Geometry: Diffuse Illumination, 8° viewing using 6" integrating sphere coated with barium sulfate (BaSO4)
• Illumination: Quartz-Halogen Lamp
• Sensor Grating: Holographic

Included Accessories:
• Reflectance Sample Shelf and Light Cover Kit, Catalog Number: A02-1004-770
• Transmission Specimen Holder, Catalog Number: C02-1004-009
• Tablet Sample Holder, Catalog Number: CMR 1754
• Sample Cup Opaque Cover, Catalog Number: 04400000
• 1" (25mm) Port Insert, Catalog Number: 04662309
• 1/4" (6mm) Port Insert, Catalog Number: 04662300
• 20mm Transmission Cell, Catalog Number: 04459200
• SAV Lens
• Specimen Retroviewer
• Gray Calibration Tile
• Green Calibration Tile
• Black Card
• (4) Replacement Lamps
• Sample Clamp

View Photo of reflectance sample shelf and light cover kit.

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The HunterLab ColorQuest II Color Measurement Spectrophotometer can measure either reflected or transmitted color of a product. The integrating sphere is a chamber six inches in diameter coated with barium sulfate (BaSO4), which difuses the light from the lamp. The light illuminates the sample and is either reflected from it or transmitted through it. A lens is located at an angle of 8° from the perpendicular to the sample surface. The lens collects the reflected or transmitted light and directs it to a diffraction grating. The grating then disperses the light into its component wavelengths. This dispersed light is reflected onto a 32-element silicon diode array which measures the light every 10 nanometers (nm) across the spectrum of 400 nm to 710 nm. The signals from the diode array are amplified using laser-trimmed operational amplifiers and processed by a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter. The computer receives the converted data and manipulates it to produce the information needed for display by the software.

Product Family: ColorQuest II
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