Wyatt Technology DAWN EOS Enhance Optical System
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Wyatt Technology DAWN EOS Enhance Optical System


  • Greater Laser Power (30 mW) for Better Sensitivity
  • Simultaneous Multi-Angle Detection for Greater Precision
  • Increased Signal-To-Noise (2 to 3 Times Better than the He-Ne DAWN)
  • Small Footprint for Convenient Stacking
  • Easily Interface with Alliance 2000 and PL 210 Chromatographs
  • Nitrogen Purge Line for Below-Ambient Applications

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• WyattQELS (Quasi-Elastic Light Scattering) Device, Model Number: WQ-04
• Wyatt COMET (Cell Operation and Maintenance Enhancing Technology) Device, Model Number: WCE-01
• Wyatt Cell Cleaning Kit, Ambient; Part Number: 900001-21 as seen here.
• Wyatt Hardware Kit as seen here.
• Miscellaneous Cables as seen here.

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View List of Wyatt Hardware Kit (pdf)

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Input Voltage: 120 VAC

Stock # 92435-1

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The Wyatt Technology DAWN EOS Enhance Optical System joins the DAWN multi-angle light scattering instrument family for measuring the absolute molar masses and sizes of polymers and biopolymers in solution. The EOS has an 18-angle light scattering geometry coupled with a specially-modified 30 mW diode laser-all in a package that is a fraction of the size of our larger DAWN instruments. Moreover, with its "enhanced optical system", the EOS contains a laser whose beam profile and stability rival-and in many ways exceed-more traditional gas laser devices. The results is a product whose signal-to-noise ratio represents a significant improvement over the He-NE laser-based DAWN.

Product Family: DAWN EOS Enhance Optical System, DAWN EOS
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