Hamamatsu H9170-45 / H9170-75 NIR-PMT Modules
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Hamamatsu H9170-45 / H9170-75 NIR-PMT Modules


  • High Sensitivity (Capable of Photon Counting)
  • Fast Time Response; Rise Time: 900 ps, TTS: 300 ps
  • Compact Design
  • Large Detection Area Ø 19 mm for Collimated Light

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Controller and cabling are not included. Please contact manufacturer for pricing and availability.

• Spectral Response: 950 to 1700 nm
• Photocathode Material: InP/InGaAs
• Time Response:
  • Anode Pulse Rise Time: 0.9 ns
  • Anode Pulse Fall Time: 1.7 ns
  • Transit Time Spread: 0.3 ns

Stock # 92573-1

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The Hamamatsu H9170-45 / H9170-75 NIR-PMT Modules are highly sensitive semitransparent NIR photocathode by the novel photocathode technology.

Hamamatsu has adopted this technology to a compact photomultiplier tube (PMT) and has developed a PMT module with the air cooled TE cooler and high voltage power supply with protection circuit. No liquid nitrogen or cooling water is necessary. The cooling unit is equipped with a condensor lens that allows large input area for easy optical coupling.

Product Family: H9170-45, H917045, H9170-75, H917075, H9170-45 / -75
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Hamamatsu H9170-45 / -75 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Hamamatsu Website