GE / Bently Nevada 330500 Series Velocimitor Piezo-Velocity Sensors
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GE / Bently Nevada 330500 Series Velocimitor Piezo-Velocity Sensors


  • Incorporates Embedded Electronics
  • Specialized Piezoelectronic Accelerometers
  • No Moving Parts
  • Can be Mounted at Any Angle of Orientation

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• Mounting Thread Adapter Option: 1/4 - 28 UNF
• Agency Approval Option: Not Required

Stock # 93329-1

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The GE / Bently Nevada 330500 Series Velomitor Piezo-Velocity Sensors measure absolute (relative to free space) bearing housing, casing, or structural vibration. Unlike moving-coil velocity transducers, such as the GE / Bently Nevada Seismoprobe family of velocity transducers, Velomitor Piezo-Velocity sensors are specialized piezoelectric accelerometers that incorporate embedded integrated electronics in a solid-state design. Because they incorporate solid-state electronics and have no moving parts, they do not suffer from mechanical degradation and wear, and can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or at any other angle of orientation.

Product Family: 330500, 33O5OO
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GE / Bently Nevada 330500 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to GE / Bently Nevada Website