Metrix 5485C Series High Temperature Velocity Sensors
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Metrix 5485C Series High Temperature Velocity Sensors


  • Native Velocity Output
  • Designed for Elevated Temperatures up to 375°C
  • Self-Generating, No Power Required
  • Stainless Steel Housing

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This unit is also known as GE Part Number 379A9798P040.

• Output Type: 150 mV/in/s (5.91 mm/sec), 105Ω Coil Resistance
• Cable Length: 40 ft (12.19 m)

Stock # 93722-1

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The Metrix 5485C Series High Temperature Velocity Sensors are moving-coil velocity transducers, designed for continuous use in elevated temperatures up to 375°C. A zero-friction coil suspension provides accurate, repeatable vibration measurements over a wide range of amplitude and frequency and is built to withstand the high-g environments and cross-axis vibrations typical of gas turbines. The coil bobbin is suspended by two non-twisting, circular spider springs that provide a clean frequency response. Purely viscous electromagnetic damping is employed to eliminate friction-prone air damping and improving detection of small vibration amplitudes at low frequencies.

The sensor is manufactured in two configurations: with integral armored cable or removable armored cable via a 2-pin MIL-style threaded connector. The case is constructed of stainless steel and its robust internals are hermetically sealed to ensure durability in the most hostile environments.

Product Family: 5485C, 5485-C, 4850, 8531-001, 8531-002, 379A9798P040, 5485C-007-040-M1189
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Metrix 5485C Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Metrix 5485C Series Manual (pdf) 
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