Newport SR50 Series Compact High-Resolution Rotation Stages
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Newport SR50 Series Compact High-Resolution Rotation Stages


  • Aluminum Body Construction
  • Pre-Loaded Ball Bearings
  • Smooth Rotation with Minimal Wobble
  • Extremely Small Footprint

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• Torque (Nominal): +/-0.4 Nm
• Accuracy (Typical): ±1.5 mdeg
• Bi-Directional Repeatability (Typical): ±1.5 mdeg
• Uni-Directional Repeatability (Typical): ±2.5 mdeg
• Feedback: Motor Mounted Rotary Encoder, 48 pts/rev
• Motor: DC Servo Motor UE16CC
• Cable Length: 3-Meters
• Option: Feedback Signal Position

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The Newport SR50 Series Compact High-Resolution Rotation Stages are designed to rotate optical components up to 1 in. diameter, such as polarizers, wave plates, or wedges. The small size (only 77 mm width x 80 mm length x 21 mm height) allows use in confined spaces, such as laser cavities, disk texturing machines, or manufacturing areas for fiber optical components. The lightweight, low profile design incorporates an aluminum body construction with pre-loaded ball bearings. This proprietary ball bearing design provides smooth rotation with minimal wobble. Newport uses a precision ground worm gear that yields unvarying driving torque of the rotating carriage and eliminates variations in motor current. The motor is folded inside the stage body to give an extremely small footprint for a stage at this level of precision.

All SR50 stages feature an angular resolution of 0.001°, which may be achieved with either DC-Servo or open-loop stepper motors in half-step mode. The stages are equipped with a hardware origin allowing the stage to be returned to a reference home position to within 0.01°. SR50 stages can run in continuous rotation mode. The SR50 rotation stages are equipped with a 3-meter cable for connection to the motion controllers.

Product Family: SR50PP, SR50CC, SR-50PP, SR-50CC, SR-50-PP, SR-50-CC, SR50-PP, SR50-CC
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Newport SR50 Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Newport SR50 Series Manual (pdf) 
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