Inficon VGC40x Series Vacuum Gauge Controllers
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Inficon VGC40x Series Vacuum Gauge Controllers


  • Automatic Identification of the Connected Inficon Gauges
  • User Selectable Measurement Unit (mbar,Torr, Pascal, Micron)
  • High Resolution - 16 Bit A/D Converter
  • Up to Six Adjustable Setpoints with Adjustable Hysteresis May be Assigned to Any Channel
  • Programmable 0 to 10 V Chart Recorder Output
  • Versatile, Compact Bench-Top Model Design

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This is a demo unit that was installed but never put into commission.

•Measurement Channels: 3
•Display: LCD
•Display Range, mbar: 5x10-10...1500
•Display Range, Torr: 3.75x10-10...1125
•Setpoint Relays: 6

Input Voltage: 90-250V~

Part Number: 398-021

Stock # 95900-1

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The Inficon VGC40x Series Vacuum Gauge Controllers are able to monitor the entire pressure range from 10-10 to 1500 mbar (10-10 to 1125 Torr) and the set point status. The VGC40x Series is compatible to a wide range of Inficon active gauges.

Product Family: VGC40x Series, VGC40x, VGC401, VGC402, VGC403
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Inficon VGC40x Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Inficon VGC402 and VGC403 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Inficon Website