89 North Chroma PhotoFlour 2/Chroma PhotoFlour 2 NIR Flourescence Microscopy Light Source
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89 North Chroma PhotoFlour 2/Chroma PhotoFlour 2 NIR Flourescence Microscopy Light Source


  • 200 W Metal Halide Lamp
  • 3mm and 5mm Core Light Guides
  • Neutral Density Filtering Device

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• Light Wavelength 340-650 nm

• Power Supply
• Optical Cable
• (4) Filters
• (1) Used SMR-200 200W Light Bulb

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Input Voltage 240 VAC

Stock # 96293-1

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The PhotoFluor II and PhotoFluor II NIR are light sources for fluorescence microscopy. They contain a 200 W metal halide lamp and associated optics to deliver bright illumination from 340 nm to 650 nm (PhotoFluor II) or 360 nm to 850 nm (PhotoFluor II NIR).

The illumination is directed to the microscope via a liquid light guide (LLG). The light guide limits heat delivery to the microscope and provides flexibility in the placement of the main body of the light source. The light source supports both 3mm and 5mm core diameter liquid light guides.

Both the PhotoFluor II and PhotoFluor II NIR use specific light guides to maximize the output in their intended transmission bands. Using the incorrect liquid light guide will compromise the performance of the light engine and prematurely age the light guide.

Because of its intense brightness, the light source includes an electronic motor driven neutral density filtering device that allows the user to attenuate the light that is delivered to the microscope. The amount of light that is being transmitted through the system is reported on the display.

Product Family: PhotoFlour II, PhotoFlour NIR II
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89 North PhotoFlour 2 Manual (pdf) 
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