Harvard Apparatus / BTX 630B Safety Stand
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Harvard Apparatus / BTX 630B Safety Stand


  • Use with the Disposable Cuvettes and the Flatpack Chambers
  • User Protection from High Voltages
  • Up to (2) Cuvettes can be Electroporated at Once

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This unit has chip on the lid; however, this will not prevent it from functioning properly.

Part Numbers: 45-0207

View Photo of chipped lid.

Stock # 69644-4

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The Harvard Apparatus / BTX Safety Stand is a safety device for use with the disposable cuvettes and the flatpack chambers. Its unique design ensures that no current can be delivered unless the lid is closed therefore protecting the user from high voltages. Up to two cuvettes can be electroporated at once, thus decreasing experimentation times. It is compatible with the BTX electroporators listed below.

Product Family: 630B, 63OB, 45-0207, 45-O2O7, 450207, 12-950028-01, 1295002801
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Harvard Apparatus / BTX 630B (pdf) 
Link to Harvard Apparatus / BTX Website