Phenomenex Synergi Hydro-RP HPLC Analytical Columns
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Phenomenex Synergi Hydro-RP HPLC Analytical Columns


  • Strong Non-Polar and Polar Retention
  • Ultra-Pure Silica
  • Polar Endcapped
  • Hydrophilic End Capping
  • Phase C18

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• Phases: 250 mm x 4.6 mm
• Particle Size: 4 µm
• Pore Size: 80 Å
• Surface Area: 475 m2/g
• Carbon Load: 19%

Stock # 98360-1

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The Phenomenex Synergi Hydro-RP HPLC Analytical Columns have strong, non-polar retention and feature ultra-pure silica with hydrophilic, polar endcapping. The polar endcapping provides added retention for polar compounds. These columns use strong, hydrophobic interactions and slight polar interactions as their mechanism of retention during the C18 phase.

Product Family: Synergi Hydro-RP, 00B-4375-AC, 00F-4375-AC, 00G-4375-AC, 00B-4375-AF, 00F-4375-AF, 00G-4375-AF, 03M-4375-AC, 03M-4375-AF, 00B-4375-A0, 00F-4375-A0, 00G-4375-A0, 00A-4375-B0, 00B-4375-B0, 00C-4375-B0, 00F-4375-B0, 00G-4375-B0, 00A-4375-Y0, 00B-4375-Y0, 00F-4375-Y0, 00G-4375-Y0, 00B-4375-P0-AX, 00D-4375-P0-AX, 00F-4375-P0-AX, 00G-4375-P0-AX, 00G-4375-N0, 00G-4376-P0-AX, 00B-4375-P0-AX, 00D-4375-P0-AX, 00F-4375-P0-AX, 00G-4375-P0-AX, 00B-4375-U0-AX, 00C-4375-U0-AX, 00D-4375-U0-AX, 00G-4375-U0-AX, 00B-4376-U0-AX, 00G-4376-U0-AX, 00G-4376-E0, 00G-4376-N0, 04G-4376, 04K-4376, 04L-4376
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Phenomenex Synergi Hydro-RP Datasheet (pdf) 
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